Though it is not on their website, I did get word that another great show is happening Friday night on the third floor at La Puerta Negra, which has become one of the most underutilized venues in town. I’m told you can expect some new material from them as well. Following will be Talking Doctor, a rock trio featuring some of our most prominent local jazz musicians in Rob Morse, Gabe Jarrett and Greg Matsis.

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Miranda, Corinne, and Miranda relax at a spa pool. The DJ cancelled last minute, so Miranda says she’ll handle finding a replacement. Callie says she knows Corinne liked Ray and that he looked at her like a little sister. Into the warm southern states, where the dream is that life will somehow be easier without winter. You and I have seen the bikes everywhere department store rigs chained to fences and signposts outside car washes, lumberyards, budget chain restaurants. But we never seen the riders, not really..

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