Ivanka Trump has landed herself in hot water, after using her father’s 60 Minutes interview to flog her jewellery line albeit in a subtle way.During the exclusive interview, which saw around 20 million American’s tune in on Sunday, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump wore a stunning gold bracelet Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale, valued at more than $13 Cheap Christian Louboutin,800, AFP reported.The following day, a «style alert» email was sent by Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery to fashion journalists around the world promoting the bangle.White House as QVC. It has started.The email also had a photo of Ivanka Trump wearing the bangle as she sat with her father and siblings for the family’s first television interview since Donald Trump’s Presidential win.The «style alert» quickly spread on social media, raising a storm of criticism as some saw it as blurring the lines between business and politics as the real estate tycoon prepares to take office on January 20. Photo / SuppliedThe affair signalled the potential conflicts of interest that could snarl the brash Republican billionaire businessman’s transition to power in January as he involves his grown children as advisers.Ivanka Trump’s company did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment.Ivanka Trump, daughter of President elect Donald Trump, waves as she gets on an elevator at Trump Tower.

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