Dad you are dearly missed and are in our hearts forever!! Sending the biggest hugs and kisses to heaven From your loving wife Dorothy, Children Jim Standish, Wendy Standish Tom Irwin, Bill Rose Standish, Cathy Paul Dracup and Trish James Boyd. Grandchildren Angela, Sarah, Racheal, Jacqueline, Amber, Victoria, Matthew, Hope, Krystina, Ashtyn, Keri, Alexis, Noah, Rhys, Myles, Brynn, Mykal, Kaedyn, Benjamin pre deceased 1977. Great Grandchildren Rory, Morgan, Lincoln, Kingston, Oakley, Mataya, Jaxyn, Owen, Mary, soon to be born Ariah, Hannah pre deceased 2008 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

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