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Canada Goose sale BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) An anonymous letter with GPS coordinates sent to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office helped deputies find the body of a man who had disappeared in late December, Sheriff Jim Matthews said.The body of Adam Ray Davis was found in a shallow grave in Bishopville on March 8.Matthews said immediately after receiving the tip, deputies and investigators canvassed a suspicious wooded area with cadaver dogs and found the grave.»It unusual, highly unusual, but the family and we had said, the family wanted to find their son and so our mission was to help them find their son for closure with that bestcanadagoose Canada Goose,» Matthews said. «That letter did give us the ability to recover him. Sheriff is now referring to this as a murder investigation.Sheriff Matthews says whoever buried his body knew the area well.»Somebody had put him there and maybe the person that put him there we don know canada goose jassen, we don know where the tip came from Canada Goose Sale, maybe somebody was talking about it and the word got back we really do not know where the tip came from but we are very glad to get it, Matthews said.SLED, Kershaw County sheriff’s investigators and deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office worked the scene for several hours seeking clues and further information.Davis went missing on Dec. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) House members on the Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee were selected by Speaker Jay Lucas (R Darlington). Rep. Lucas charged them with their responsibilities at their first meeting on Tuesday morning.»Each of you has been given an opportunity to make a difference; To attempt to change the culture of opioid abuse in South Carolina; To turn sadness into hope; and to better protect our citizens and families from this growing epidemic so that the number of those who struggle with opioid abuse is lower tomorrow than it was yesterday,» Lucas said.So far this session, there have been bills passed by the House that aim to lessen the crisis.»Throughout this session, the South Carolina House has passed several measures to address this issue Canada Goose Jackets.