Playing in his first WLA playoff game, rookie Brandon Bull opened the scoring for the Shamrocks seven minutes in only to have Colton Porter tie things up two minutes later shorthanded. When Shamrocks captain Scott Ranger scored a power play marker it give the Rocks a 2 1 lead heading into the break. Cody Hagedorn was given the start by Shamrocks head coach Bob Heyes and played solidly between the pipes all night making 16 saves on the evening and rising to the challenge in his first playoff start.

So why is Ford being marked down? Analysts don’t see the record setting growth continuing this year. They note car manufacturers have relied heavily on discounts and promotions to draw in buyers, though Ford has said its own average retail price was $2,500 higher in January and up $1,900 in February Also the banner sales years the automakers recorded have taken up much of the excess slack in demand from the market. Car sales, after all, were down 24% year over year..

Most well known of these plans is Citi Price Rewind a Citi card feature that refunds the difference automatically on certain items if the price drops within 60 days. Credit card issuers also offer other benefits such as purchase protection and extended warranty coverage, says Niggel. Can be very beneficial and give you peace of mind while you enjoy your holiday season.

Who do you look up to musically? At the moment, I really digging Florence and the Machine. Do you have a stage persona? Not really, but when I onstage there a little more fist pumping. Summer getaway? Mexico. Great food inspires a visceral reaction. When I last noted Edwin new additions to the menu at Anita in my June 29 Wholesale Cheap Jerseys column, I had not yet had the opportunity to try them. Surely, given the outstanding flavors and authenticity of everything else I tried there, it will come as no surprise to regular readers to learn that Edwin new chorizo nachos with queso fresco for $9 are simply the best! Or try my other new favorite item: the Tripa Tacos.

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