The Canucks annual run of injuries to defencemen began early this year. Tanev suffered what believed to be a high ankle sprain, playing his last game Nov. 2. We have been in lock down about 80% of the time. You would be surprised at what these altercations are about! Nonsense! But when your world is this small all one has to care about is nonsense. That is why I do not want any of these idiots in the cell with me..

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cheap oakley sunglasses After I bought my box of butts, this little dude was still sitting on the ground slumped over when I came out of the store. His posture showed defeat, but not the kind that is hopeless, for I am not sure of his age and how could a kid that young know something as powerful as hopelessness for it took me years and experiences to know the differences between the spectrums of highs and lows.What happen next surprised me most covering this whole encounter? I was 20 plus feet away from the youngster and in the next blink, I was standing above him with the words, «Hey young man, are you having some problems?»This little guy raised his head up out of his cross legged stance, looked up at me with wet eyes, and stated that he is trying to get across town to meet his friends and both his tires are too flat to ride.I need to change the subject here. I am a seasoned, salty, mean man cheap oakley sunglasses.