For each customer, we assign a Muth representative who is the customer liaison to every department here, at every stage of the job. We physically meet with the customers, bringing the warranty paperwork, lien waivers, and other documentation, and we close out the job in person. Our customers know, with certainty, that they receiving the attention they deserve. With no explanation of the American holiday, Viviani said when he went to the grocery store he just thought: «Holy cow, Americans must love turkeys.» Then during his first experience with the American deep fried turkey, he said he almost burned down actor William Shatner’s house. Now Viviani, who owns Firenze Osteria in North Hollywood, Cafe Firenze in Moorpark and stars in the new Bravo spin off «Life After Top Chef,» says Thanksgiving is one of his favorite holidays. «I’m very respectful of cheap football jerseys traditions and, hey, I have a lot to be thankful for. Down here on earth, Hillary won the debate by 62% to 27% according to a CNN poll.That means 11% of the people thought that neither candidate won, or they were watching the background scenery and weren’t paying attention, or they were so dazzled by Hillary’s bright red stormtrooper outfit that they couldn’t see where to write their opinion.Other polls went the other way, the internet polls were for Trump, the professional polls favoured Clinton but a most interesting one said that for 80%, the debate had not changed their minds one way or the other.When they came on stage, the first question of the evening was: what colour is Donald Trump today?He normally makes you reach for the remote to fiddle with the settings.He makes you think your TV is on the fritz because he usually looks orange, like a fruit basket.For the debate, though, someone had toned his face down to a peach powder blushHe still looked like someone had shaved the back of a ginger cat but it was an improvement.Hilary on the other hand was all dressed up in Republican red and looked animatronic, like one of those robots that welcome you to the kiddies’ rides at Disneyworld.Meanwhile, Donald was sniffing and sniffing and taking sips of water and afterwards cheap nfl jerseys china blamed the microphone, saying that he wasn’t sniffing, there was something wrong with his mike.Howard Dean, the former Governor of Vermont, ex Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and once a doctor, tweeted during the debate that Donald Trump has a cocaine problem and that is why he was sniffing.He said it would also explain his erratic behaviour. Dean went on MSNBC the next day and far from rowing back from his accusation, he repeated it. Oddly, no one from Trump’s camp complained about it at cheap nfl jerseys all.