No kids? No car? No problem.

Carless and childless singles living in District can get by just fine on only $32,000 a year making it the cheapest cost of living in the area, according to a study from Wider Opportunities for Women.

The report showed average housing costs to be roughly $814 cheap jerseys per month for singles living in the District. An added $162 represents the monthly cost for utilities.

As part of the study, WOW asked locals what it takes to feel financially stable. Food, shelter, emergency funds even work attire and transportation costs were taken into consideration.

The one expense NOT included? A cell phone. (What sort of young, single people did they talk to?)

One of the more challenged demographics are aingle mothers. Analysis shows that women raising children alone have disproportionally lower income, and many do not meet the organization’s «basic economic security» benchmark.

Other interesting findings: a family of four in Fairfax County has to pull in $108,000 to be financially secure based on that same criteria. And a single parent in Prince George County would need $62,000 for the same.