A sign of resiliency was visible last month when Greek and European officials wrangled over the terms of Greece financial bailout. The negotiations raised long dormant concerns that Greece might exit the euro. But Behravesh, the IHS economist, noted that other troubled European countries, such as Italy and Portugal, didn experience a jump in bond yields.

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He can run over anyone and you never catch him. He’s special in every regard. I truly believe he’s prepared for a great year. (SAVANNAH) An unlikely tool is being used to curb gun violence on one Savannah Street corner that been the site of several shootings. A bright work light, like those used on road projects at night, has been deployed in Cuyler Brownsville community. That bright light has been burning at the intersection of Harden and West 39th Street for the last six months.

«So far, from that small sample, about 100 non citizens admitted they shouldn’t be on the rolls and have been removed. Of those 52 have actually voted in a past election. Over the past 10 years, five elections have been decided by less than 50 votes.

1. Josh McRoberts ($900K, Pacers): The Grizzlies have a demonstrated interest in McRoberts as they almost traded for him last season. Mayo trade?) And cheap jerseys the Pacers, who have Tyler Hansbrough on a guaranteed contract and are thought to be a primary suitor for free agent David West, have a demonstrated willingness to part ways with him.

Here’s one I’m happy about. For years a window has been adequate to meet the ventilation requirement for bathrooms, but now a vent fan is required if the room has a bathtub or shower. We’ve long known that windows didn’t cut it in making sure that the steam got shunted away (saving the paint, the framing and lot of other things from being steamed to death), but now it’s a requirement.