Fish — a very useful product, a source of protein, calcium and phosphorus.

чем опасна ртуть из градусника для человека
But did you know that the fish on the table is also mercury in the house? And the harm of mercury is an undeniable fact. Consequently, the usefulness of the fish becomes quite doubtful.

ртуть в градуснике


Most often, mercury in fish is not in its pure form, but in the form of a toxic, hardly soluble compound called methylmercury, which has the property of easily accumulating and quite difficult to remove from the body.
So how does mercury get into fish? It’s very simple — the whole chain is the fault. Algae absorb mercury from sea water, then they are eaten by small fishes, which later become prey to large fish. In this way, mercury accumulates in the internal organs and fatty tissues of fish. Most of it in the meat of such large and long-living fish, like swordfish, tuna, shark and so on. So, for example, the herring can contain one hundredth ppm of mercury, and the shark that feeds on it — is already one ppm.


The question of whether fish is harmful to the human body does not have an unambiguous answer.
A number of scientists argue that the amount of mercury contained in a small fish is so small that it can not have any effect on human health. But, at the same time, doctors recommend refraining from eating large fish to pregnant women and young children. As for the rest of the people, they can eat a little tuna or shark meat about once a week.
At the same time, there are other opinions. So, for example, the American doctor Jane Hightauer noticed that the abandonment of the fish allowed a number of her patients to get rid of such unpleasant symptoms as fatigue, hair loss, depression and headaches. While before the «bezrybnoy» diet they had increased the level of mercury in the body.
In addition, Finnish scientists conducted a study proving the relationship between fish consumption, increased levels of mercury in the blood and heart disease. And according to American researchers, eating fish twice a week, even in small portions, can lead to a sevenfold increase in the level of mercury in the body.


Mercury is a poison, so constant contact with it, which, apparently, is possible not only if you broke a thermometer, but with frequent consumption of fish, can lead to a number of problems.
The consequences of mercury can be manifested in the form of memory loss, chronic fatigue, tremor, depression and apathy, as well as various brain injuries. In addition, mercury in the apartment, where the pregnant woman is, can lead to miscarriage or various pathologies of the future child’s development.
Arranging a «fish day» remember that in this, at first glance, a valuable product, contains a terrible poison called mercury. This, of course, is not a reason to completely abandon fish, because it really is a source of fatty acids, which are very useful for our body. But at the same time, everything is good in moderation, so do not abuse the fish. And in the event that you notice the symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning, it is better to refuse fish altogether. This may well solve your health problems.

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