The room in which the thermometer was broken requires immediate demercurization, otherwise mercury in the house will harm the health of people. But do you know that mercury in our body can get not only from a broken thermometer, but also from other sources, for example, from vaccines.


замер паров ртути

The attitude of the public and doctors towards vaccination is ambiguous. The position of the Ministry of Health is that vaccinations are the only effective way to prevent many diseases and panacea from epidemics. Therefore, there is an official vaccination calendar, for which all children and adults are vaccinated. Doctors recognize the possibility of side effects after vaccinations, but it is believed that if all the rules are observed, their risk is minimal.
At the same time, there are organized societies of people who oppose vaccination. They believe that vaccinations are nothing unjustified risk to a child’s life and health. As arguments, they lead the fact that the mortality from most of the diseases from which the vaccine is administered was defeated before the vaccines were invented. An example is measles and diphtheria. In addition, opponents of vaccinations argue that the possible side effects of vaccines are much worse than the diseases themselves, from which they are introduced.
Who is right and who is not, will judge the time and new research in this area. In the meantime, the responsibility for the decision: to vaccinate a child or not, falls on the shoulders of the parents.


In addition to many other factors, the risk of vaccines is due to the presence in them of a component such as thimerosal. This preservative, which has an antibacterial effect, contains ethyl mercury. Getting into the body along with the vaccine, mercury reaches the cerebral cortex and settles in the muscle tissue. The main effects of mercury are a disruption of the brain and nervous system.
The proven harm of mercury contained in vaccines led to the fact that from the year two thousand and one thimerosal was banned from being used for medical purposes. But in the countries of the former Soviet Union, vaccines with ethyl mercury are still sometimes used.


The fact that mercury contained in vaccines is harmful proves a number of studies by scientists from different countries, in whose code a direct relationship was established between the increase in the dose of mercury in vaccines and the disease such as autism.
Autism affects children. It manifests itself in the fact that the child becomes antisocial, speech development is delayed, and a number of other cognitive impairments appear.


If autism is an infantile disease that can be triggered by vaccination, then another danger lies in adults, related to vaccination, in particular from influenza — Alzheimer’s disease, characterized by a gradual decline in mental abilities.
It has been proven that influenza vaccinations containing mercury increase tenfold the risk of Alzheimer’s syndrome.
The controversy of scientists about the harm of mercury in vaccines does not abate to this day. Some studies refute others. Many official sources ignore the possible side effects of vaccines with thimerosal. But, nevertheless, it should be remembered that the risk of mercury poisoning from the vaccine is quite large, especially when it comes to a small child. Therefore, it is better to vaccinate children with drugs cleared of mercury. Let all the mercury in the apartment is in the thermometer, and not in the body.